Cockburn Ranges

Air Transfers to El Questro

Arrive at El Questro in style and comfort with one of the many air transfer options available. Whether an exhilarating helicopter flight or by plane -arriving via a scenic route provided by the local fleet of small airplanes, travelling above the Kimberley landscape provides extraordinary views of the wilderness below.

Helicopter charter and fixed wing aircraft charter prices on request

El Questro Station Air Strip
Permission to land must be sought before flight plan departure.
Call El Questro Station for flight landing permission procedures.
08 9161 4318

Station Air Strip Details
Position: 127.58.50E 16.00.30S
Elevation: 300 Feet
Direction: 14/32
Length: 1,400m-gravel-flat
Windsock: North side of threshold to runway
Roads: Caution, public access road adjacent airstrip

El Questro Emma Gorge – Airstrip Details
No permission is given to any person to use the land as an airstrip.
The land is not maintained and is used by public for private use.

Please be advised that both El Questro airstrips are only open when their relevant resorts are open