El Questro Station from the air


It’s the name ‘El Questro’ that most people are curious about. What does it mean? The answer is that we don’t really know. We do know, however, that it was named in 1958 by Torrance McMicking, who pegged the claim. Rumours abound and while many suggestions have been made, we at El Questro think that the mystery surrounding the name only adds to the magic of El Questro itself.

Whilst the lease changed hands many times, it was in 1991 that Will and Celia Burrell recognised the potential for tourism and purchased the pastoral lease that very same year. Over the course of 14 years the Burrells pursued their dream of turning El Questro into a Kimberley experience that would set new standards and through its variety of accommodation from camping to five star luxury – be accessible to everyone.