Cockburn Ranges

The Kimberley

To the south of the Kimberley, the Great Sandy Desert. To the north and west, the Timor Sea and Indian Ocean. And to the east, The Northern Territory border. The Kimberley is one of the most ancient and untouched corners of Australia.

The remote proximity and isolation of the Kimberley only adds to the complex beauty of its landscape, which occupies almost 17% of Western Australia and covers an area of 421,000 square kilometres. One of Australia's last frontiers, The Kimberley is a land of remote and spectacular scenery made up of a huge central plateau of dissected sandstone ranges and an extensive limestone range, formed from an ancient barrier reef.

A rugged coastline of steep-sided tidal gulfs drops into mangrove-fringed estuaries and in between lies large swaths of wilderness, unforgiving deserts and lush grassland. Its idiosyncratic nature and extreme conditions only add to its draw. A truly unique and magical location that must be explored and experienced to be believed.

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