Camping FAQs

Q: Can we make a camping booking?

o A: Guests are welcome to book their powered/non-powered campsites and private campsites in advance online. If you have any difficulties with your booking, please email us at

Q: Do you have any powered camp sites?

A: We have 60 powered camp sites at The Station. Please book your powered camp site online in advance. Other camping options at The Station are unpowered sites and private sites and these can also be booked online. Find our more about our camping options here.

Q. Can I bring a caravan to El Questro?

A. Whilst we do recommend off road caravans and campers, many other caravans do make the trip into The Station. Please note that there is a 16km unsealed section with two water crossings being approximately 300-500mm in depth.

Q. Can I leave my Caravan here while I explore the Gibb River Rd?

A. You can store your caravan or trailer at El Questro for $10 AUD per night, please note we take no responsibility for the van or contents while stored.

Q. Can I have a generator?

A. Generators are permitted in the general campground and the private campsites between the hours of 8:00am & 8:00pm only.

Q. Can I bring my pets?

A. Dogs are allowed at El Questro' campsites, however they must be on a lead at all times and any signs of antisocial behaviour will result in a move on notice. Dogs are not permitted on any of El Questro's tours, activities or to any of our attractions.

Q. Is there a waste dump point for my caravan or trailer?

A. Yes, there is both grey and black waste dump points at The Station. Please enquire at Reception as to where they are located.

Q. Can I have a campfire?

A. We do permit campfires at El Questro private sites only, please note that there are established fire pits for your convenience, please do not create more. Also be aware that at certain times of the year there will be total fire bans including campfires, always be prepared with gas powered equipment.

Q. Where can I source fire wood from?

A. You can source fallen timber off the ground. Please be careful not to chop down dead trees or remove large hollow logs from the ground as they are often habitats for native fauna.

Q. Is there fresh drinking water available at the campsites?

A. There is a source of freshwater at the General Campground near the Station Store. At the private campsites there is the Pentecost River, this is unpotable water and we recommend boiling before use. Please note that due to our remote location we recommend that you always carry enough water to get to your next destination comfortably.

Q. Do you sell Diesel & Unleaded Fuel?

A. We sell both varieties of fuel at the Station Store as well as other lubricants and oils. Please note that due to our remote location we recommend that you always carry enough fuel to get to your next destination comfortably.

Q. Am I able to get my tyres repaired and mechanical work done on my 4WD or trailer?

A. We can order replacement tyres and our workshop are adept at tyre repairs. All other mechanical repairs need to be done in Kununurra.

Q. What is the road like?

A. The Gibb River Road from the Kununurra side to The Station Township's 'driveway' is now completely sealed. The 'driveway' is a 16km unsealed corrugated section of road with two rocky water crossings into the Station, approximately 300-500mm in depth. We do recommend a high-clearance 4WD. We have a grader on the property that works on the road regularly to maintain its condition. For details of the road conditions of the surrounding areas of the East Kimberley we recommend that you visit the website and follow the link to Road Conditions Report.

Q. How far are the campsites to El Questro's attractions?

A. The Station Township, where the campsites are based, is 27km away from Emma Gorge Resort and Emma Gorge walk, 10km from The Chamberlain Gorge, 25km from Explosion Gorge, and between 3 & 7kms from the rest of the gorge walks and hot springs.

Q. Do I need to bring cash with me?

A. There are EFTPOS facilities at The Station and Emma Gorge.

Q. I’ve got my own boat with me, can I use it at El Questro?

A. At El Questro we have environmental guidelines that prevent outboard motors in our pristine freshwater river systems. We also don't allow canoes or kayaks due to the danger of Saltwater Crocodiles.