Scenery at El Questro


El Questro - the heart of the Kimberley, provides a home base from where to set out and explore. There are many ways to discover this ancient land and you’re free to choose whether to take to the skies, head out on foot, 4WD or cruise along its waterways. From the air you can take in the World Heritage listed Bungle Bungles or fly over the Cockburn Ranges past waterfalls, mud and salt-flats or you may want to pull on hiking boots and hike El Questro’s many magically rugged gorges and cliffs. If your sense of adventure needs a day off then head to El Questro’s watering holes, hot springs and waterfalls where you can do nothing but relax and unwind.

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The Kimberley from the air

Activities and Experiences

Choose whether to take to the skies, head out on foot, 4WD or cruise along El Questro's waterways.Details
Restaurant at Emma Gorge


From casual dining at the bar & grill, to cliffside table settings El Questro has a plethora of dining options.


Explore El Questro's season opening and closing dates, and discover key dates and events throughout the season.
Township Store at El Questro Station


Purchase a souvenir, or pick up sunscreen, toiletries, insect repellent and other necessities you may need away from home.Details

The Top MUST DO El Questro Experiences

Anything you ever dreamed of seeing or experiencing in the Kimberly is right here at El Questro – heart of the Kimberly.

  • waterfalls - some accessible only by helicopter others via an easy walk
  • hikes and treks –ranging in intensity
  • swimming holes and thermal springs
  • ancient gorges – many with lush tropical gardens and waterfalls
  • unique fishing locations – some accessible by heli only
  • majestic lookouts where you will fully appreciate the expanse of this regions
  • mighty river systems – three run through El Questro
  • wildlife and flora - home to 100 species of birds and many other unique wildlife and flora
  • accommodation from private camping under the stars to the luxury of El Questro Homestead