Helifishing Tour

Helicopter Tours

A great deal of El Questro’s natural beauty is only accessible by air. By taking to the skies you not only get to see things from a different perspective you’ll also experience a view of waterfalls, gorges and cliffs that few others will see.

El Questro Activities

El Questro Homestead Activities

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Emma Gorge from above

Emma Gorge Helicopter Tour

Now you can enjoy a helicopter tour to unique Kimberley destinations directly from El Questro’s Emma Gorge. 

Explore the stunning, diverse Kimberley landscape from above with tours over the majestic Emma Gorge Waterfall, the iconic Cockburn Ranges and The “Maze”. Take a flight with a stop off at the Mud Flats or the Cambridge Gulf at Wyndham.

Easy 2 to 3 hours

Scenery at El Questro

Scenic Flights

Enjoy views of El Questro denied to the earthbound. Seeing El Questro from the air is breathtaking and exhilarating. With some of the most beautiful areas of El Questro impossible to reach by land, heading into the skies is the only way to access distant waterholes and scenic spots. A half hour flight will take you over waterfalls and through iconic gorges. ON the one hour flight, you’ll also fly over the majestic Cockburn Range and her interior, the Cockburn Maze. You can even suggest your own itinerary. 

Easy from 20 minutes

Cockburn Scenic Flight

Cockburn Range Sunset Flight

A truly unique sunset experience. A helicopter flight provides the perfect perspective of just how vast this beautiful Kimberley area is as you make your way along the Pentecost River. You will come to land atop a plateaued peak, specifically chosen for its incredible views over El Questro, and the awe inspiring Cockburn Ranges. Enjoy a glass of your desired beverage and taste various gourmet cheeses from your platter as the sun sets. We also have an option to extend this incredible experience even longer by adding an additional scenic helicopter flight that will get you up close to the Cockburn Ranges, exploring the many gorges and waterways we have on our property.

Easy 2 hours
Heli-fishing Tour

Heli-Fishing Tours

Cast a line into your choice of either local or remote destinations, both rarely disturbed but for the occasional touring anglers. The pristine waters of El Questro are an underwater home to barramundi, mangrove jack, bream and threadfin salmon. A minimum of two people is a requirement of this five-hour tour with pricing being reduced with the addition of a third person. Enquire about this tour in advance as the ability to fish is dependent on tidal and seasonal conditions.   

Easy to moderate 5 hours

Amaroo Falls

Amaroo Falls

Discovered in the South East of the property in April 2010, Amaroo Falls is the newest jewel in El Questro’s crown. Only accessible by helicopter, this amazing wonderland is made up of 15 cascading waterfalls, which range from knee-high to 45m in height and descend into pristine swimming holes. Hike to some of the cascades, lounge in the waterholes or take in views over the expansive property. Amaroo Falls offers some of the most breathtaking scenery on El Questro, making this a must-see air tour.

Moderately difficult 3 hours

Miri Miri Falls

Miri Miri Waterfall Tour

Hidden in a remote corner of the Wilderness Park is Miri Miri Falls where spring-fed water cascades over a 50 metre fall from the plateau into a deep pool, which then opens up into a dense valley of Livistonia palms and paperbarks. Take a dip in the refreshing pool overlooked by nature then enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch, all while revelling in one of El Questro’s most secluded attractions. 

Moderate 3 hours

Scenic Flight over El Questro

The Lost City Tour

At the top of El Questro Gorge lies a newly discovered ancient land. With an El Questro guide you’ll explore the intricate rock formations and cave system, which have all been carved out through time. A reasonable level of fitness is required as the tour involves scaling around crevices, crawling through openings and navigating through the darkness of caves. A truly unforgettable experience for those with an adventurous spirit. 

Difficult 2 hours

The Lost City

The Lost City and Miri Miri Tour

Combine these two extraordinary heli tours and you’ll be creating an itinerary for a day you’ll never forget. Spend two hours exploring the Lost City with an El Questro ranger and let them guide you around this newly discovered ancient land. Cool off while experiencing the spring-fed waterfalls of Miri Miri Falls, which aren’t seen by many due to them being hidden in a remote corner of El Questro Wilderness Park. 

Difficult 4.5 hours

Champagne Springs

Champagne Springs Tour

Be prepared as hiking to Champagne Springs is a little different to all other El Questro walks, meaning that it’s a bit tricky. The 4.8km riverside trail is long and filled with broken terrain, particularly in the second half of the hike. However, its’s true what they say about there being no pain no gain so once you reach the top you’ll be rewarded with cooling pools, lush scenery and a cascading waterfall. The only thing left to do is take the much easier walk back down.