Moonshine Gorge

Self-Guided Hikes

No matter your skill level El Questro has a track or trail waiting for you. Explore over 200km of terrain and enjoy discovering palm-fringed waterholes, ragged cliff faces and chance encounters with the local wildlife. Collect a map from reception and if in doubt we can assist you in a hike perfect for you.

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Tracks and Trails at El Questro

Emma Gorge Trail

Emma Gorge is one of the best known and spectacular gorges of the Kimberley. Enjoy a challenging, partially shaded, one hour walk and be rewarded at the end with a large cooling waterhole, perfect for a well-deserved swim. Set at the base of towering 65m cliffs, the waterhole is graced by a droplet waterfall and a small thermal water outlet, which trickles down from the surrounding rocks.

Difficulty: Blue trail. Moderately difficult with some rugged creek crossings.

El Questro Gorge Walk

El Questro Gorge Trail

Take a walk along this narrow spring-fed creek through palm and fern clad escarpments to a small, crystal clear swimming hole, where you can relax and drink in the beauty of the rainforest. From this half way point the more adventurous can continue on a path, which increases in difficulty, for another 1.5 hours to reach the top where another crystal clear pool and waterfall await you.

Difficulty: To the half way point the first part of this trail is classed as Blue, relatively easy with some sections of broken rock and riverbed. From that point it turns Red and becomes more difficult. From the pool to the top the trail becomes less obvious and gets more challenging, this section is recommended for the fit and adventurous.

Amalia Gorge

Amalia Gorge Trail

Amalia Gorge is best seen just after the wet season when a mass of waterfalls flow from one pool to the next. In the dry season it’s a fairly easy walk with some rock scrambling and ledge hopping involved. The trail leads to a waterfall and a beautiful pool half way and yet another pool at the top.

Difficulty: This hike is classed as a Blue trail, which translates to it being moderately difficult. Sections of the trail lead along a dry, rocky riverbed. Take a hat and some water as this trail offers little shade.

Relaxing in Zebedee Springs

Zebedee Springs

This natural oasis is a short walk along a trail, which leads you through dense livistonia palms to a series of rocky thermal pools. Set at the base of sheer cliffs these thermal springs are the perfect place to relax and restore amongst the region’s local vegetation. It’s worth noting that Zebedee Springs is closed in the afternoon so plan your morning around a visit to the Springs so you don’t miss out on this most popular of attractions.

Difficulty: Easy walk along a well shaded path, just look out for the slippery rocks near the pools.

Sunset at Saddleback Ridge

Saddleback Ridge

The viewing platform at Saddleback Ridge is one of the most spectacular lookout points in El Questro. Begin your hike at The Station, where the round trip should take roughly two hours. This is a shared walking and 4WD trail so you have the option to drive to point three and traverse the rest of the trail by foot. At the top you’ll be rewarded with a remarkable 360-degree view from a platform overlooking sandstone escarpments with all of El Questro stretched out in front of you.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate. Steep sections with no shade. 

Moonshine Gorge

Moonshine Gorge Circuit Walk 

Follow this circular trail around Moonshine Creek where, for the first half of the hike, tall livistonia palms and towering cliff faces ensure adequate shade. With plenty of areas to rest and cool off with a swim it is worth noting that the second part of the walk is more exposed to the elements. The circuit finishes back at the car park.

Difficulty: Blue trail, so moderately difficult. Sections of the trail lead along a rocky riverbed with creek crossings. This walk is best suited for relatively fit and able hikers.

Champagne Springs

Champagne Springs 

Be prepared as hiking to Champagne Springs is a little different to all other El Questro walks, meaning that it’s a bit tricky. The 4.8km riverside trail is long and filled with broken terrain, particularly in the second half of the hike. However, its’s true what they say about there being no pain no gain so once you reach the top you’ll be rewarded with cooling pools, lush scenery and a cascading waterfall. The only thing left to do is take the much easier walk back down.

Difficulty: Blue trail, moderate to difficult. The second half of the trail and the top pools offer little shade.

Pentecost River at El Questro Station

The Station Walks

If taking a leisurely stroll rather than an exhilarating hike is more your thing, then why not head out from The Station along the Pentecost River. Here you’ll be able to wander through the region’s natural flora, spotting the local wildlife as you go until you come across a collection of safe, shallow swimming holes. Take a picnic lunch with you and enjoy a leisurely dip before slowly heading home.